mocap importing problem

hi am stricktly blender user for every 3danimation task the retargeting addons in blender is not as good as ikinema webanimate
i have exported one model to ikinemawebanimat and retargeted to some mocap andthen exported the animatin in bvh and also in fbx back to blender .but when iattached the animation from the bvh fileto the 3d character at blender the animation was bad and also I tried to usedirectly the fbx file it doesn’t include the animation . i checked every thingIcan am new to ikinema .but I found out in blender that the edit mode of the rigg and the pose mode ofthe rigg is to different I doen’t knowwhy and how to fix it . can you help mepls i want to have ikinema for retargeting .i have pro body brekel v2 formotion capuring .
thanks in adance

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I couldn’t make Ikinema work at all. I think you are talking about WebAnimate? It is impossible to export any character back into Blender from WebAnimte. But you could use Ikinema when importing the Blender model(s). In my case I couldn’t even use Ikinema WebAnimate because it was horribly laggy and unresponsive. Also the Ikinema team didn’t want to be bothered. The best option for me was to do the editing myself in Blender, which takes long but is decent in the end.