Mocap retargeting script

For some time I have been working on a script for retargeting of BVH files to existing rigs. The script was originally written for MakeHuman’s MHX rig, but it now works for user-defined custom rigs. At least for some, including Sintel Lite and JiriH’s George rigs.

The script can be downloaded from MakeHuman SVN. It is implemented as an addon for recent Blender 2.5x builds, so it can be placed in the addons folder and activated, or run directly from a text editor window.

Documentation on how to use the script can be found at and

Hey Thomas,

Tried in a couple of builds, consistently getting a syntax error @ line 5.

Sorry, I got confused about how svn works. The link pointed to a webpage that only an svn browser can understand. It has now been updated to point to the source file directly, which is here:


tried your script, but i don’t have makehuman installed… the script needs mhx_defalut.txt etc… I’ll do that cos i’m keen to see it in action.

Been pondering on doing something re re-targeting too.

In saving settings for mocap madness i started using an XML file and using the node structure for my settings, (python’s not my strong suite, my c# .net habits coming thru) It occurred to me then that using xml and xsl could be an interesting way to do this… after all the style sheet re-targets one node structure to another and the xsl has processing instructions on how to do this.

Interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Hi batfinger

The script does not need mhx_defaults.txt; if it does not find the file, it just moves on happily. Or at least that is the intention. Do you actually get an error?

In fact, I don’t have this file when I am on Windows, because the script looks for it in a non-existing directory. The file is just used to save user interface settings for the mocap tool, and that was more needed at an earlier stage, before the scale and frame rate were figured out automatically.

I don’t really have any experience with XML, so don’t know how much you can do with it. Since I am fluent in python, that was much simpler for me.