MOCAP to ANIMATION RIG! - Retargeting motion capture in Blender using ROKOKO

How to retarget motion capture onto an Animation Rig in Blender! Using Rokoko - The results… Chef’s kisses:man_cook:

is there any specific requirement (naming convention, bone hierarchy) when you do the Rig in Blender so that it can be retargeted properly with Rokoko? I am asking this from the Rokoko side, since I already know how to use Rigify, constraints, tags, etc…

Hey David,
The rig I used in the video was a modified Rigify rig. As far as I know there shouldn’t be any issues with naming conventions, as long as your rig has the options to be in IK or FK. Since you’re practically re-linking each joint from the mocap to your rig, unless it’s a biped mocap being implemented to a quadruped rig, you should be okay :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Indeed, it’s very straight forward to tag the bones to a metarig, bring the mocap, bake and then edit the NLA tracks.
I am now looking into a full generated control rig with rigify. I know I have to tag the FK controls. Let’s see how it goes.