Mocap tools in Blender 2.8?

Hello everyone !

I haven’t found much information about this topic, so I am asking…

Anyone knows if there is work done for better support for mocap in 2.8 ?

I am not asking for MotionBuilder, but at least modern basic tools for mocap support, the 2.7x motion add on has not been ported to 2.8 yet, and they were made in 2011, for Blender to be taken seriously by studios it needs better mocap support IMHO !


Tweaking mocap files with additional NLE layers already works better in 2.8 than in 2.79. But I agree that there are still lots of things missing like an automated retargeting workflow, motion path editing and much more. Mocap can be done with blender but it’s very tedious at the moment.


I agree, like I said, the motion capture add-on by Benjy Cook hasn’t been ported to 2.8 yet, and its rather old (2011), basic mocap tools for the body and the face would be a welcome addition to Blender, again, IMHO !

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Still no words on at least a 2.8 update of the Motion Capture Tools add-on for 2.8 ?


Any word?


I highly recommend Auto-Rig Pro, it’s amazing.

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Thanks, actually, yeah. I just bought it. Looks promising and has some overlapping tools. And it is being supported for upcoming 2.8 so that is great!

Can I retarget kinect rig for it?

@Richard_Culver, you’re welcome buddy! It’s feels like having MotionBuilder inside of Blender, especially with the Additive keyer, you can actually animate over top of the mocap to push it even further.

@6eye, I used IPIsoft and Brekel to record and export fbx/bvh data from the Kinect.

I can’t comment on the comparison to Mobu. I will have to have time with AutoRig Pro. I still plan to use Mobu. But none the less these are some interesting looking tools, some that look like they can replace the abandoned retarget tools from the GSOC.

I am planning to create a workflow between Blender and Mobo and Unreal. And these tools will be helpful as far as it seems now.

Cool! Mobu is still king. Auto-Rig Pro is awesome. You’re workflow will benefit from it, hands down.

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Thanks. Actually it was a bit of a coincidence that you had mentioned it. I had gone out searching, decided to buy and then came back to this thread. Then I saw your comment.

Looks like a made a good decision. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and encouragement.

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It’s my pleasure!
For only $40.00, it is a huge deal and the creator of this addon is really cool, also.

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Yeah I see the creator is donating to Blender. Pretty cool.

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Hey, Buddy!
I hope all is well and Happy Holidays!
I made a tutorial about motion capture, link here;

Plus, I am currently working on a video for Auto-Rig Pro; here is one I made previously;

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