MochaBlend addon pre-sale and donation drive

Hello all,

Some of you may remember me from my tutorial series at Good Spirit Graphics on rotoscoping: GSG Roto-tutorial

I was excited when Blender added masking, but a little disappointed in the way they did it.

Rather than just complain, I decided to fix some of the problems myself. I’ve already added bezier curves and I’m currently working on some misc. UI improvements. There are now builds available with some of my changes, and a progress chart showing some of what needs completing. My build is called the Zorro branch.

The Zorro Branch started out as a way to test masks with bezier curves in Blender. This was necessary for Good Spirit Graphics’ new premium addon MochaBlend. Once work began on the branch, it became clear that there were other missing mask features, in the Movie Clip Editor, that users would want. So I decided to launch a combined pre-sale event for MochaBlend, and a donation-drive for the extra features. When the branch changes are implemented, rotos in Blender will be compatible with Mocha, AE, and Nuke.
Check out the project here: GSG Zorro Branch

Donations of $15 or more, during the pre-sale period, will entitle you to a download of MochaBlend when it becomes available. That’s a big discount over the regular price. MochaBlend will import not only Mocha tracking data into Blender, but also roto shapes from both Mocha and AE into Blender. If demand is there, I could do the same for Nuke.
Check out the current state of the addon here in this screenshot: GSG MochaBlend

Come check it out.