Mock-stop-motion Death And The Solder

This is going to be a long, slow, meandering Work-In-Progress that will build into a large project…

So far I’ve built and rigged the main character and started work on a song that will be used in the film, and started on a second charator and a set,

and writern a script, which I’m not really happy with.

The plan is to make a single scene that I can then use to somehow find some funds to make the whole film.

The scene I’m planning to make is not very simple… like - I could have pushed out a dialog scene in a weekend, but instead I’m doing one that goes from suspence into a musical number into an action scene and back into a reprise of the musical number.

I will be keeping up with updates in the form of videos on my youtube chanal.

I hope slideshow-with-me-talking is an OK format, as the renders are SLOW with this one, - and it really needs cycles rather than eevee for that grainy old film look. (though a little bit of rendernoise noise for filmgrain does help a little)