Mocking the Process

No, definitely not your typical 3d cg fare, nothing lighthearted or even concrete, so consider yourself forewarned :wink:

image link

Pure Blender 2.36.



I think I see faces o.O



hmm. it has that “chrome look” that I don’t much care,… in my eyes it would be better if that could be toned down… otherwise shapes and colors are interesting.

maybe… a little too much stuff. like that centermost object.

dont know. nice experiment anyways.


I agree with basse that the chrome could be toned down a bit, butthat is a minor issue.

Really nice piece here Robertt. Very original and very abstract as well, of course. I really like it. I have been looking at it for like 10 minutes now and can’t stop seeing new things in it. Very well done.


Yah Robertt, wow. I hate that stuff. Blah. I liked your last character a lot better. I was kind of glad to see you get away from the abstract.

What I do like, though, is your web page. You’re going to a lot of trouble to get the unified effect. No advertising, an acutal frame, a lot of sites just throw up the image and let it go at that. Good work there.

And speaking of throwing up. . . :wink: Image kind of reminds me of some of the industrial sounding stuff Aaron Copland was putting together when he was searching for his “American” sound. The hammer hitting the steel bar.

mystery00: Thanks. Yes maybe some faces in there :wink: upside down/sideways too…

basse: Thanks for the feedback as always basse. The chromish stuff could be part of the mockery being made here :wink: Actually, that’s wood material :smiley: Since your post I am trying some different settings to tone things down, but I want it to stay strong and relentless. I never feel comfortable telling people how to interpret images, or to suggest one exclusive interpretive direction, but it might help to know in the back of my mind were some anti-cg thoughts at play :wink: Definitely an experimental piece.

BgDM: Thank you so much BgDM! Your reaction is exactly what I was hoping for in this piece: to linger long enough to sense there are things going on here, to let the eye roam and see new stuff. You just made my day :smiley: I really think you and basse understand why I do these kinds of pieces… to push the envelope (or turn it inside-out or tear it up), to keep options open, to rage against the tide from time to time, defy expectations, not for a moment fall into a predictable pattern or style. This will always be the hardest thing for people to swallow, but this one’s not for mass consumption for sure :wink: Thanks again for the feedback!

Marty_D: I know, I know Marty :smiley: I hear ya :wink: I’ve been away from abstract in 3D for a while now, almost too long. I do a lot of 2D work too, which sometimes dips into the abtract universe. Abstract will always be one of the things I do because there are ideas I have that cannot be effectively expressed in more concrete terms. I know and love this community, which is why I’ll sometimes issue a disclaimer beforehand as I did with this image, because I know and appreciate there are certain expectations and preferences. If I always played to those though I wouldn’t really comfortably consider myself an “artist.” I’d be more of an entertainer, an appeaser, less faithful to my ideas and more worried about what people would have wanted instead. I must say that’s an amazing connection you’ve made with Copland! This could be a “Rhapsody in Black White and Red” for that matter :slight_smile: You know, in literature, this expression of one sense in terms of another is called synaesthesia. Very cool of you to make that leap dude :slight_smile: This is why I am always excited in the post-creation phase of art, since we never know how people are going to react to our images :smiley: Thanks so much for writing!


great work Robertt,i like your abstract works.the B/W + red tones work really good for this piece.i wont change anything.the chrome is ok that way,i like the strong contrast.

I actually like the materials and the shapes in this one.

wohooo !!!

now THAT’S something fresh !!!

and chrome loox mighty COOL as well. (why oh why some of the funkiest and most female-catching cars DO have chrome wheels and fenders and whatnot? )

now - will our dearest moderators close this thread as well ???

Wow!!! Cool!! I looked a bit at the Image (did anyone else see the rhino at first?) and then saw the Title… That really gave me the last kick… I was surprised at first reading it, but then notices that it really fitted nicely.
And all the suff around it… extremly interesting.
Any bigger render availible?

And another question: How did you model the objects in your scene. did you just push an pull everywhere till it looked good, or did you have any kind of plan of how the objects should look like?

Abstract, clearly abstract. Clearly a work by one great blender artist.

–=leon=–: Thank you very much for the kind words! I’ve been experimenting with different colors and materials since I posted (I usually do this as I’m always looking for better results even after I “finish”) but so far this seems to work best.

Hippie: Thanks Hippie :smiley:

tedi: Thanks :slight_smile:

wah_tak: Thank you VERY much :slight_smile: I’ll see about a larger render if I get the time. I had a very clear plan going into this (I won’t go into much more detail since I want to preserve the interpretive aspect of these kinds of pieces), but there is always the element of pleasant surprise when it comes to the material and tweaking phases. I knew what I wanted to achieve going into this, and, when I came back “out,” the final render exceeded my expectations – that moment when we say “yes! that’s it!” :smiley: so I’m very excited with the results.

Kansas_15: Thank you very much Kansas. Congratulations by the way on your recent advances with Blender. You are getting better and better, just keep working at it all and enjoy it all :slight_smile: I’ve said it so many times, and maybe a picture like this can say it better: there is literally no limit to what can be done with Blender. It’s really just a matter of imagination and dedication between you and the next cool image :wink:

Thanks again everyone for taking the time to write!


Well people have said I am getting better at blender and such of that even though I wasn’t initially meant to make images with blender(the initial reason was to make 3D games and luckily the game engine was back when I first found it), but then I found image making and went to that.