Mod game maps

My brother want to mod some maps on Halo 2 (Xbox version) so he asked me if it was possible to do with blender. I don’t know so he asked me if I could ask you. I guess that Bungie (Halo developers) use either Max or Maya. I’m not sure but Max use 3Ds, right, and they can be imported in Blender. Which extension do Maya use? Is it possible to export the maps to Maya or Max file again? Do you think it’s that easy to mod the lighting, textures and stuff or do I need some other program?

the map files for halo [and halo 2] are in their own format that neither 3ds max, maya, nor blender support.

as in to modify them you will need a program that extracts the files to some other format your 3d program can mess with, and a way to convert them back

[bungie has their own pipeline and formats for their game assets, so they have their own tools to deal with these things and they don’t have a reason to extract their own maps or assets other than in the game [so the format they’re stored in is optimized for viewing the asset, not for editing it]]

that and since halo 2 is only on the xbox [at the moment] getting the modified maps there will be a pain.

:stuck_out_tongue: Yet another modder… I dont think there is a way to mod the actual model of the map. But as you probably know, there is a lot of other things you can do on halo 2, like swapping maps, say ascension for warlock, that way, you can mod ascension. The only drawback, is that you cant play that map with your friends on XBL. If you would like any further information on modding, just lemme know here or on my modding clanz site:

So it ain’t possible for anyone that doesn’t know code (according to sprinkles site)?

Well it’s best to at least do some searching, such as what bungie used to make the maps. I’m sure they made their own software.

However, i’ve made spawn mods before, and to do that you have to have a xfw (or something) file of that map. The file appears to have polygons, like a model, maybe that’s the map model? I apollogize, but i’ve never even tried of looking into making maps for halo 2.

Read up on making maps for halo 1 PC, that should teach you something!