Modding Morrowind with Blender

Does anybody know a good walkthrough for modding Morrowind with Blender? I’ve followed lots of tutorials, including those on the NIFTools wiki (made specifically for Blender), but when I import my models, either the construction set crashes or it doesn’t have a texture, and in either case, the mod doesn’t show up in the game. Most Blender-related tutorials for modding Morrowind have either died or just don’t go through the entire process i very much detail.

If you know of a good walkthrough, please post a link to it. I really want to use Morrowind as practice for UV mapping and modeling for games in general, but it won’t help if nothing will work for me.

Edit: Nevermind, I finally fixed my problem.

I am curious in this as well… I was wondering, how did you fix your problem?

There are compatibility problems with the NIF exporter. Make sure you’re using Blender 2.41, otherwise you’ll have a lot of issues getting your model to display properly.