Modding Possibilities?

As some of you might know, there are many modifications for certain games, such as the Jedi Knight series. Some of these “mods” are vehicles. My question is, then, because, if I’m not mistaken, Blender only outputs its scenes/models in .blend files, could it be used to make s and such for these games?

I once posted about this on the FileFront Gamin Forums, after I had recently discovered Blender, but the response sorta like, ‘well its nice, but it only exports in .blend files, so its useless for modding.’

I’ve seen that it can export to Lightwave files and such, so could a python plubin be made to export it to .pk3 files (the files that JKA uses), or use a file conversion tool to convert .blend files into whatever file type the game uses? (.pk3) Because this would be a great tool for modders; I’m certain there’s a lot of illegal downloading of 3ds max and such, not that I know anyone in particular…

In short and simple and theory yes.

However you have to ask:
Is .pk3 an open format (i.e. can you look at how information is stored in it legally)?
If its copyrighted or right protected like .max (I think) then it will be hard to find someone who would risk legal repercussions to code it for you unless you do it yourself.

It may also be possible to export to something like .obj, .x, etc. then use another convertor (don’t know if one exists) to export to .pk3.

So if you are asking if its possible the answer is yes. If you are asking has it been done, then I would suggest a google and/or elysiun search is in order.

I don’t know about Jedi Knight, but, Quake 3 and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault also uses pk3 which are actually zip files. U can change their extensions to .zip & now they open up in Winzip & WinRAR. Though changing their contents will be caugth by Quake3 (I don’t know about MoH) because it possibly stores the checksum of these files somewhere. So open these files in Winzip & see how different files have been organised in it. Quake’s pk3 file format is well documented (I am not quite sure about this since I am recalling from memory).

U can check this url for more info:

And I would recommed u to check quake’s site. I would like 2 point one thing that there is no guarantee that all file with pk3 extensions r the same.

There are actually quite a few exporters available for different games. For example, I think there are exporters for all of the various flavors of models for ID games all the way up to .md5 (for Doom 3). There are also very well-supported exporters for many of the standard game engines, such as Torque and Ogre, that I have used extensively on a number of different projects. If all else fails and you are on a good team, you can do modelling, unwrapping and texturing in Blender, export to .obj (as forTe suggests), and then have the animators or developers export it to the final format. From my experience Blender has been extremely flexible on every project I have been on – generally models are easy to transport, animations difficult at best or not possible at worst.