Model 351

(system) #1

I’m making another one

(Modron) #2

something about her position seems awkward to me. I think it’s the tension in the right foot. What about folding the right leg over a bit so it’s more in line with the other leg?

(cedeon) #3

Don’t give up, this is great work. Set aside 10 minutes for it today… do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the pose and the awkward FOV giving her big legs, looks very Rockstar games esq to me. the only thing that sticks out to me is her right butt cheek looks a bit raised and uncomfortable - I wouldn’t be able to stay in that position for long without a pillow :stuck_out_tongue:

(system) #4

Making some progress.

(eternalcha0) #5

Are you in the game engine? looks really good.