model a Curtain using curve


One question I have

How I can model a Curtain using curve

If u can explain that in detail plz

Or link for tutorial


One way to do it would be:

  • Go to top view (NUM7)
  • Add a curve (SPACE, Add, Curve, Bezier Curve)
  • Add as many vertices to the end of the curve as you like (Select end vertex, position pointer to where you want the new curve, Ctrl-LMB to add a vertex)
  • Move the curve into a shape that looks like the folds of the curtain as seen from the top (Select a vertex, GKEY, move with mouse, LMB to stop)
  • Go to object mode (TAB)
  • Convert the curve to a mesh (Alt-C, Mesh)
  • Go back to edit mode (TAB)
  • Switch to edge select (Ctrl-TAB, Edges)
  • Select all of the edges (AKEY until all edges are yellow)
  • Switch to front view (NUM1)
  • Extrude all of the edges (EKEY, move mouse to create faces)And, there’s your curtain.

thank you for the tutorial

If you use a NURBS Curve instead, you don’t need to convert it into a mesh yet. Might be useful in case you need to make changes at a later stage. Depends on your needs.