model a football in 5 minutes: )

:Dsimple tutorial for modeling a football,hope you like


I think you can understand it though in Chinese.

English version:
If there are any errors,please let me know,thanks:)

lol I was hoping it would be an american football. Nice soccer ball though.

I am interested in this soccer ball tutorial. I succeeded to follow it to the point where the pentagons are extruded and then scaled. I’d like to know what is done after that. I wonder if there is someone who either can translate the tutorial or explain the remaining steps.

Don’t blame us for being the only country where we gave the name “football” to an oblong ball with tapered ends with grips on them.

Generally for that ball the trick is to model a hexagonal section then duplicate them and rotate them until they form a ball shape. Also, the world cup ball got rid of the hexagonal sections so modeling that would be different. You could also try modeling it flat then use the to sphere function.

You really should note that it’s also a soccer ball because we call it that in this country.

I’m sorry.
I think I fell into confusion.We called it football all,called American-football olive-ball(letter).
thanks all.

video version,no sound.

Very cool!! I learned a lot just then - thanks for making this. At the end of the video, how did you expand the selection like that? (To expand the areas of black.) I’ve been trying to figure that out.


Colin: It looks like “Select Linked Flat Faces.” Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F in edit faces mode, or use the Select menu.

It didn’t, really. The ornaments are just printed on those balls. See this for an example:

As for the tutorial, it’s really nice! Thank you!

Isn’t bablefish great lol.

To be honest, that’s just the tutorial I was looking for. I really needed a soccer ball so thanks for the great tut. I learnt quite a bit while i was at it too.

(Took me a bit longer than 5 minutes though!)


What is RMB and LMB? I am at the Pentagon Extrusion and I am VERY confused . . .

Ok, I press S and the surfaces raise, but, it’s curved, not sharp, HELP! In the tutorial it is a sharp raise not curved.

An excellent tutorial… the video really helped!

TacoBellDog LMB=Left Mouse Button, RMB= Right Mouse Button
I would recommend the Noob to Pro Wiki Book… the interface tutorials are a life saver!

Nice tutorial - I learnt a bunch of new stuff.

Ok, I press S and the surfaces raise, but, it’s curved, not sharp, HELP! In the tutorial it is a sharp raise not curved.
Don’t just press S. First press E > select to region > esc > press S scale (1.025)

Maybe on an replica . . . this is the actual panel pattern of the new ball:

See this page for more closeup images.

Very happy with my football!!! It took a bit of thinking about because I am not used to some of the keystrokes / commands you used and the translation left me to figure it out, however… I learnt loads…

Thankyou very much indeed!!!

I didn’t follow this tutorial. I made my ball almost by accident. But the results are pretty similar. I rendered this one in Indigo.

![ Leather.png]( Leather.png)

Like the leather effect on that one though. Very nice!!!

I added some of my own!!!