Model a head for you for $1, One Dollar for a head

Corona happened, lost my job so…
It’s a $1 dollar head, you only need to send me a front photo and I give you a head.

You might have to work on the other views so that it looks closer to what you want though.

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what kind of head style models are you asking for? for a single dollar its impossible if you want something detailed…

I am using this:

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I will send you a photo. But also do you have a webpage with former work? I might have other work for you too.

Until I pay for hosting again, it is temporarily down.
It’s just one dollar so, send your photos away and if you are ok with it, you can send your dollar :slight_smile:

If the offer still stands, I would like a 3d model of the profile picture I have here. If it’s of good quality I wouldn’t mind giving more as a donation.

Ooo, this drawing isn’t going to do well with that AI auto generation thing that is specific to human type.
I might have to model from scratch.
I think I could create a base mesh for you, but you will have to retopologize it yourself later on.

Would need side view AND front view because this is not a human creature.

I already have the character model, I would like the character to have glowing eyes like in the picture. I would understand if that’s asking too much.

No no don’t worry about it, you help me, I help you, it is mutual.
I am just not “getting it” that’s all…

So…you already have the model…that means you are not asking me to model the head…
So you want the eyes to glow…You…want a glow shader ?

Or you want a picture of its eyes REALLY GLOWING ?

A little clarification is all I need ;p

I will share the model with you but make sure the eyes glow in the model. A really nice blue color as in the picture. Thanks

I have downloaded the file, please remove the file to protect your file thanks.

First of all, you will NOT BELIEVE what I am about to tell you.
I wrote about book about Furries a few years ago !
I can send you a free copy if you want !

It’s about how two best friends have to cross life and death to save each other.
It involves the after life and god and stuff.

Book 1 :: God Guardian: The Life Review Simulation
Google Play eBook:

Kindle eBook:


Now about your model, your model is not wearing a visor, so you want me to create the glow for your visor model ?

Sure thing, thx

I wouldn’t mind reading the book. Were you an author before covid hit? The visor does sound cool but it’s a pet pev of mind when I see human made stuff on anthropomorphic animals. I try to imagine that they came across a pair of headphones and wonder what person has ears in this way or something. Glasses too like the end is for the ears to hold them but without ears there the glasses would fall off but what’s your opinion on that.

Well, I do have one friend who is EXTREMELY INTO FURRIES and I learn a lot about “how to think” when it comes to approaching this topic.

From his point of view, he likes to approach it as though they have always been animals but with Human instinct but from his point of view, their world have no humans…they just act human.

Does your story involve them in a world with Humans ?

No, it’s more of a multi race story where, the foxes and the cats ruled over the rabbits for some time. The foxes were the highest on the list but since the rabbits won freedom, the other races don’t act the same way anymore but you still have the anti rabbits. it’s kinda like our world in that way.

Oooo This reminds me SO MUCH of an anime !
It’s about like animals trying to live like humans but they are trying SO HARD to control their animal instinct to eat their prey students/classmates.

Very emotional and dramatic.

Sounds like a good anime, do you remember the name of it? If you are referring to beasters, I imagine it’s like that. Though not all the conivores was trying to act civil. The main character, was so lifeless the vegans walked all over him.

I don’t remember off the top of my head at this point, all I know is that most furries are actually people that are fed up with the world and want to return to a more innocent time.

Good people.

I believe the same thing. I believe that the one question that is often debated is rather or not that is justified. I believe that it is because people are garbage and the idea of furries/anthros are more innocent, less judgemental. I believe that it’s the theory of objective value.

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