Model A Missile Tutorial

Well i tried my hand at making a missile and then decided id try and make a tutorial of it.

note* clicking on the the nav bar at the top wont do anything, i have no pages up yet. clicking back to tutorial main wont do anyything.

i will finish the textureing when i get time. its aimed at teh beginner with a bit of knowledge


Pages missing, it goes to 3 then loops back to 2. I don’t the texture you metioned either.

To highlight key press try puttin them in a diffrent color or prehaps making tham bold to stand out.

the fins - why not select the side you will delet late from the side of the rocket, extrude that to the centre (i think you woul need to do that seperatly for each of the four sides) then select those newly extruded face and extrude those to form the fins. That way you ount have to go to the hasel of linking them afterwards…but thats just me not a bad tut so far.

im not sure why i did that but it just turned out that way. and if you do it this way, you get the experience of linking and making faces