Model a strange dream I had, would like to see others.

I had no idea where this dream came from, others please post models that came from your dreams.

Pretty cool idea (to model / create) based on our dreams.

Your’s look like it was a very dark dream indeed…(A nightmare?)

PS: this thread shoud probably go under either W.I.P or Finished work.

I tend to have so many dreams now that i’ll be overloaded if I tried to model each one. Good idea though.

well nice idea il do it only if i dreampt bout something other than what i dream bout :D.

WOW, you dream in low poly?!

Sorry. Anyhow. Nice idea.

It needs more details, and the sky quite detracts.

Yea, I know, the moutain in my dream was much more rugged, however it’s hard to remember the details. I don’t want to call this a WIP I would just like to see others who models from there dream, since this forum is about graphics, I decide to post it on here.

about the picture - I don’t like it - it’s gray and dull and way too simple.

Belive me or not but sometimes I dream in polys. And sometimes when I look at my hand I see edgeloops and polygons and armatures, and when I walk the street I’m counting keyframes of my walk cycle :slight_smile:

Yes. Interesting idea. to use your dreams…

Anyone currently working on a model that came from a dream yet ? I would be interested in seeing it.