model a wave without wave modifier

I want to model a wave and rendering by Yafaray. But I found that the mesh modeled by “modifiers” may be rendered incorrectly . Here is an example:

With diffuse material, the rendering result is correct. But with transparent material, the rendering result is incorrect. The mesh seems not smooth at all. It is not the first time that I found this prolem.
In last week, I used “subdivision surface” modifier to sub-divide a mesh, the rendering result is incorrect. So I changed to use “subdivide” edge in the mesh tool instead of the midifier. The rendering result is correct.
So I seriously suspect that Yafaray Render has some problems with the modifiers moldered mesh.
Are there any other ways to model a surface likes a sin function?
Thanks very much.


before you export you could apply the modifier
so you get a simple mesh with no modifiers

you can make waves also with ocean modifier then apply it !


I have already “apply” the modifier, the real problem puzzled me is that: why the peak area of the wave is incorrect, but the valley area is correct.
For the mesh, those two areas have no big difference.

Maybe your mesh is not subdivided enough ?

Yes, subdivition is the problem. More specifically, the problem is on the smoothness of the mesh normals.
Have solved this problem by add a wave modifier to a plane, not to a surface of an box.