Model an ring with interlocking parts

Hello fellow blenderers!

How would you go about modeling something like this:


Can’t wrap my head around how to do it. Maybe the answer is more simple than I imagine.

Array. Model one sub component then array it with an empty for the rotation

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do you have other images to better see the 3D model?

may have to make 2 basic units to not end up with lots of faces intersection
but could also be done with spin tool

happy bl

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Here’s what it looks like in real life.

looks to me like there are some weird 3D angles on these unit!
you will have to figure it out
after you can use different ways to make the whole circular pattern
either with Array and empty or spin tool

happy bl

This is what I’ve managed to create this far:

I could not get it to work with an empty, so for now a curve modifier is what make it circular.
It’s unfortunate as this also deforms the mesh slightly. I had to fiddle around a lot to get the angles right.