Model and fine detail

Ok so below I have my character I’ve created for an animation. As you can see his face is very plane. I want to make it more life like. Would that be done through texture or sculpt mode?

Great start! I would start with textures and see how far it gets you. If you’ve already rigged the character, I would avoid adding/changing the geometry. Layering multiple textures and mixing their influences in the color/normal could give you a more realistic appearance.
Liking your textures so far…nice use of materials there. You might work on that neckline though. Keep up the good work.

Thanks jdover :slight_smile: I’ll try the textures first like you said. Then I might try sculpt mode and ass some subtle wrinkes. I’ll probably have to re rig his top half but that shouldn’t be too bad since he’s maze out of many different objects haha. As for the neck line I was going to add some armour there too. I’ll probably select the faces on the body (black defused part) and duplicate then separate them and model them to fit see how that looks. The scene is aalready quite complex for my machine and is taking about half a second to select things haha