Model and texture a realistic lion family for an animation

hi, i need a realistic rigged (maybe not, i can rig, but not perfect) lion, lioness and a cub for my animation. its a dramatic story. i created the scenery, my past job is architecture visualization and i have a great experience with character animation.
we can participate in some brazilian festivals and others around the world. its a great story! only 2 minutes, with a message about animal torture.
tell me if anyone are interested!




hi Ach_Abou,

the hum3d models looks great!
but i was thinking about a partner! theres others animations that i want to finalize! but i suck in character creation! i studied cinema too!

you could check out my post,very new to blender and still learning character creation and haven’t got to animation yet so cant be much help there but the rig will work on any big cat,female or cub model just have to scale it down.