Model Artists search

Hey everyone,

I’m currently looking for two people who are good at creating 3D models. I’m creating a 3D animaton with blender but i don’t know how to create the models. So if you’re interested send me some of your work, and we’ll discuss the rest after i approve.

A group of friends wake up in world parellel to their own, and find out its filled with demon. In order to get back home they began to master their newfound powers to defeat the Evil Queen Nexxis.

It’s not much but since we just decided to do this that’s all i got. I’m most likly gonna change the story a little less kiddy. We wanna do this becuz it’ll be great way show people what we can do.

I think no one will send you his models without knowing the topic of your animation and why you want to create it. You have to tell them about it and you may get some help ^^

So are you Animating or just writing the story and someone else animating?

hi all, i am running a multimedia and production house,i needed a new model artist for my new production Add,please contact only serious Model artist who are really ambitious and intended to drive there career in this field.

Welcome on Board - best of luck!

What’s the name of the production house you are running? What city/country is it located in? How many employees do you have now?

Do you have a website?

i think it’s another kid :slight_smile:

is it a paid job? it’s going to be difficult to find talented modelers to do your work for free

agreed… same on same on…do some unpaid work for me because it is Blender…yeah RIGHT ! TRADE SOME COURTESY HAMBURGERS AT LEAST !

Well to be honest you should begin fake baking, practicing anerexia, and become as shallow of a human being as possible. This will most likely help you to achieve the lifestyle of a model.