Model becomes "patchy" when exported

Hi all-
I’m working on a model for a gaming server and when I export it to test in the game it becomes “patchy…” with little blank, transparent spots (show as quads but I have been working in triangles) where they should be filled in and/or opaque. I’ve attatched a image of an example. (Though please note I haven’t finished the texture to it so… it’s kind of hard to look at. at the moment. I circled the “affected areas” in red.)

Hopefully the picture shows up when I finish my post (as it’s showing as a broken link for me writing this), and if not, I hope someone understands what I mean. :confused:

Check to make sure all your face normals are pointing the same way. If some are flipped it could make those faces invisible in the game.

Also, if there is an option in the game import/model settings to make all faces two-sided, it may help this problem also.

Thanks, i’ll try that. :slight_smile: