Model behaving strange in Object Mode

Hello friends

Please have a look… Anyone can tell me how this problem occured? A way to solve it available? There s no modifiers involved…
Thanks in advance

Have you got modifier(s) on the object? There are things like this whose effects may not be shown in Edit mode, so when you go back to Object mode something comes back into effect that wasn’t being shown while you’re Editing.

Otherwise please give more information about what the problem is as it’s not entirely clear from just the two screenshots what your question is.

No mmodifiers involved
when going in Object mode, this strange spike, on the Bottom of the model appears…

It could be that some vertices are hidden in Edit mode. To make sure, enter Edit mode and press Alt + H (if I remember the shortcut correctly) to show hidden parts of the mesh.

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Other than what robi said about stuff hidden in edit mode, you may want to check for shape keys under the object data tab. That’s one more thing that could throw you off if you lost track somehow.

Thanks a lot, friends, it was indeed a hidden vertex that broke my head all the time
Wonderful community is another one of the pro s of blender!