Model being visible but not interactive

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I have few models that are essentially helping guides for the next phase - creating the actual structure, like exterior and after this phase will come interior
How should i go about it? Layers but is there a really fast way to switch between, still i would like to be able to snap to verts.
Like this small building, a really small food place.

It would be great if someone could help or give some advice.

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I’m not sure if I understand you, but if you just want to keep it for scaling reference, you could give it some transparency in the shader>viewport settings, so it is visible but not obstructing the view on the actual structure you gonna model.

I personallly would not use vertex snapping for modelling after your scale reference. I’m sure you can get away with just eyeballing and you are much faster. In the real world, nothing is scaled precisely to the milimeter, and it can give your object even more realistic looks if not every shape is perfectly aligned.

Thanks for the tip
I somehow cannot force myself just to go with the flow, i need really simple guide. otherwise I go crazy, because somehow i have to know the exact distance of an edge.

How can i find out the degrees (somehow when i go alt + (NUM) 0174, i don’t end up with the degree sign) of two edge that are connected by a Vertex, in Wings3D it was displayed always but in Blender no idea how i can see that. I’m asking because I have never used Knife tool (K-edit mode)
So i make a cut by going K, c then going with the Y line and i made a cut but now i don’t really know if its a real clean cut, along with the other edge. So i would like to know where or how I get to see additional info, like the degrees between 2 edges on 1 vertex.

About the transparency, no idea how to do that to the View, to rendered View i know but not to Solid view
I know how to change the model colour (view) but it has no transparency options

Go to Overlay settings and activate “Edge angle” to see the angle between the two adjacent faces of an edge.

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The setting is a bit hidden in the viewport color under your shader settings, lower the alpha value to increase transparency.

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Weird that I cannot do a multi quoting but never mind that.

So the Edge angle is not the thing i was looking but that’s okay, to make it work i had to extrude those 2 edges and check the new Edge to be able to see the angle i wanted to check. Still thank you :smile:, kinda weird there is no angle displayed on a vertex, between two edges.

About the alpha, neither the Eevee or Cycles has alpha for viewport settings, Surface settings yes but not Viewport Display

regarding alpha, u can try latest build. my one 2.80.50 alpha in view port working fine.

Visited the download page and seems today they updated Beta downloads.

Mine seems to be

Gonna check it out.

yap, yr version is older. every day new build is released. at least try to download weekly, to cope up with changes.

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Aye :wink:

Seems i had to change from shading>color>random to shading>color>material for the alpha to work :slight_smile: but it works now like a charm :kissing_heart: