Model cleanup for 3d-printing

Hi, im pretty sure im in wrong plase, but im sure moderators will move this to right plase.

This is more like addon request.

Anyway, it was always pretty complex work to make complex and messy models to printable untill i found invesalius 3.1 wich seem to simplify process a lot.

For example i took my old PA dude, orginal thread dates back to 2004: PA dude (final 30.10 pg3) all images gone sorry.

First export model to stl from blender.

Then i sliced model with Anycubics slicer that can be found:

Then i export slices to images with PhotonFileEditor wich can be found here:

Next step is to import images to invesalius wich builds model from those slice images. Invesalius is made for make ct-scans to 3D and it can be found here:

Finaly import model back to blender, hit tab, select outershell, invert selection and remove all and you have nice printable mesh. Well almost, first and last slices were lost in process so end result had hole at top and bottom, but those are easy to fix.

Now i found out about OrtogOnBlender and started to wonder if whole process can be made in blender.

I can live with that workflow, but it would be awesome if all that could be done in blender.
Atleast 3d-printing folks would be greatful if repairing meshes was so easy :slight_smile:

Hi Poju. thank you for this. I need your help though if possible… I am using the photon file editor and cannot load files because it has this really strange looking file browser.

no matter what i do, my photon file will not show in the file browser… any idea? i can’t load my file to work on it… :frowning:

best, carl