Model color darkens when exporting to FBX file

Does anybody know the solution of this problem?
This annoys me to death. I couldn’t find any topic about this issue on the web.

A couple of questions…
In blender what is your view? Lookdev, Rendered ??
What is your lighting…Lamps…HDRI ??
What is the FBX being show in? Blender…Unity ??
Is the Lighting the same in both of your versions?

Thank you for replying. It is the lookdev mode above. And this the viewport shading mode.

HDRI not enabled. There is two point light but I tried to export with lightning and without there is still no difference.
I am viewing it in 3D viewer at the moment my aim to use in unity but when we import it to unity the color is still dark.

Is it textured with materials?
I don’t remember if Unity uses metalness work-flow…or not but that is something to look at…
Try exporting as an FBX and bake the textures into it…and do the lighting with-in Unity.
On the FBX exporter Click the box icon next to Path Mode, set the Path Mode to Copy.

No, it doesn’t have texture. “Click the box icon next to Path Mode, set the Path Mode to Copy.” tried that and the fbx file is still darker than blend file. May be all the 3D viewers does that. no clue. Thank you for your help.

Yep Lighting in 3dviewer is just about worthless…it all boils down to the lighting within the different software and how each handles it…best to just light it in Unity and/or Unreal…
and if it is just a color and not PBR just add the texture in there as well.
Happy Blending!

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hey, im having the same problem but the colors are like almost all black . when i use path copy and also click embed textures. its still just really dark. we are putting the models to PlayCanvas and its really just almost black.
i just use simple materials and add color to it.
is there some way to fix this or the solution is just to change the material colors in PlayCanvas to light again?
Thank you. :frowning:

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Hi, sorry I am just seeing your question. I hope you figured it out.

If you are exporting as gltf or glb you can remove vertex colors and it will look normal in Babylon.js or three.js

Hello, malalia. I have the same problem. I’m even using PlayCanvas. Did you manage to find a solution?