Model complex details

Hello ppl,

I was looking at some interesting photorealistic renders and recalledthat i do need to beg you for some suggestions :smiley:

let’s imagine I would like to model an highly detailed column capital, or an old wood table freize…
well… HOW sould i proceed?

in the past i tried to approach with poly-modeling, but I have to admit I met some problems upon trying to give the mesh a the third dimension.
now I was experimenting the multilevel + retopo approach, same as for a face modeling.

do you think it may work?
since I am not a sculptor I don’t think I would be able to use programs such 3D-Coat, as seen in an astounding render here.
i know that some details could be simply re-created by normal mapping, but using yafaray as external render I don’t know if the simply “nor” mapping could be enough to obtain a good result.

so, I am here to listen some suggestion by you :slight_smile:

thank you! :smiley:

many views but silence? :frowning:

too silly question?

try to use sculptris(free sculpting program) for the details and then use xnormal to get the hi rez details on the low rez render model through normal maps.
depending on what ur rendering u should try luxrender(free render engine)

there’s also a program that generates really nice normals maps from photos, but I can’t remember what it’s called. I think it was ‘crazy bump’ or something similar.

yeah crazy bump is a cool win program, I am under OSX :frowning:

anyways, thank you for the suggestion, I am learning sculpting in blender in fact, even if sometimes i find hard to “visualize” the correct next step to shaping a volume.

I work with yafaray, so I won’t be able to use normal maps isn’t it?
the workflow should therefore be:

  • sculpting high-res mesh
  • normal mapping / baking for high-res details
  • low-poly mesh w/ textures mapped above…

am i missing something?

what’s about the low poly mesh? have it to be well/quite or poorly detailed just leaving the entire duty to the textures?

I am now trying to model my (ugly face),
shot 2 pics of my (ugly) face then mirrored a multires mesh and started scuplting.

  1. major problems arise from ears: I can’t seem to be able to completely and correctly detach from the head even using layers brush :frowning: the ear lobe remains attached to the face, for example :frowning:
  2. I have started sculpiting froma very rough mesh, what if i started from a more detailed one? I spent several hours trying to make my nose “came out” the volume block, I was now thinking about shaping in the starting mesh, in order to have a more straight/clear path to follow… am i right or not?
    (same for the cheeks)

for my information:

how should I proceed if i wanted to model such stuff?

ty :slight_smile: