Model deformed when rotate bones - Newbie


I wasn’t sure if I should put this in animation or modelling. I have a character which is made out of all one mesh and made in the T pose.

I wish to animate it.
I have given it bones and done weight painting. The mesh deforms ok (not perfect) when moving the rig but when I come to rotate a bone, it looks terrible.
It goes all twisted and jagged and doesnt hold its shape.
I have seen others final animations where they have twisted a bone to rotate the hand yet it still looks normal and not like mine. Where have I gone wrong, are the hands etc separate (the same mesh but with vertexes not connected). I am currently at a loss. Here is a image of my problem.

I would be grateful for any help/advice. I have watched a few modelling tutorials all using one mesh, though I am not sure if models need to be done differently if they are needed to be animated.

Regards, Glenn

I think in this case it would be helpful if you would post your blend file.

Would do but I just deleted it and am trying bones a different way. Do you model people in one mesh all joined?

Try removing double vertices on the model.

gh256: Yes usually humans are modelled in one piece. MienFTW has a good idea which many fix your troubles but this was most likely a problem with vertex group deformation. And if you have any more problems, just post them here :smiley: