Model deforming heavily

Hi, this is my first ‘complex’ model let alone rigging so forgive me. My model is deforming heavily when I apply the armature, how can I keep the model as close to it’s original look as possible?

NewYetiMat.blend (711 KB)


You had some bones set to deform that should not have been. Always check the bone properties for the deformation check box. Controls should not (generally) deform the mesh.

Some of the other distortions came from the IK constraints. Check your bone axes to make sure they make sense for the limb and also, set the pole angle of the IK constraints so edit mode and pose mode bone positions are the same.

Your “Bumble” is pretty cool. I like the low poly look.

In some ways low poly meshes are a bit harder to deform. This is mainly due to a lack of supporting loops at the joints. Weight painting alone will not do very much to help this. You may need to use corrective shapekeys to keep the mesh from collapsing around the joints.

Please keep working on this. Sorry I have not replied sooner.

Here is the corrected file. (I separated the hair from the mesh because it was causing problems with the symmetry tools when weight painting.)

Good luck!


NewYeti.DanPro.blend (683 KB)