Model Dinosaur and Tutorial!

Well i worked on this model for a few days. Its a model that was sitting on my shelf in pieces so i decided to build it in blender so here it is:

I have another model but of a T-Rex so ill probably post it here too once it is done…IF its done

Very nice especialy the shadows. My only crit is that the wood its on looks at little patterened (spelling).

Here is an update. I changed the point of view, rearanged the lighting a bit. turned on the OSA and Ambient Occlusion. I also experimented with the fog to make the plane fade out into blackness cause at this angle you saw the end of the plane and the sky (always use a sky!) The black fog added a nice transition in my opinion

Well here it is

Quick detail i just realised on my model after 2 weeks of looking at the picture. I modeled the pieces from the scans of my model. and reassembled them in blender. I didnt realise i put the 2 side head pieces upside down :stuck_out_tongue:

Since i enjoyed making this model i decided to make a tutorial on how to built it. It should work even if you have a different model too

Making a Wood Dinosaur Model (or other model with similar pieces)
1-Scan your pieces. Here are the ones for my model

2-Set these pictures as a background image in blender
View-Background Image

3-Trace the pieces using Control-Click to manually add vertices. I recommend enough vertices to keep the shape rather smooth and flowing (depending on your model of course). Once you traced the general outline of one piece, create a new object and do the second piece. This might take some time depending on the number of pieces you have to model

4-Once you have the outline of your pieces, extrude them to the desired width. It should all be the same as normally all those pieces came from a pair or more sheets of wood with pre cutout shapes.

5-Well, now assemble the different pieces (they are independant objects so it should be rather easy) in their appropriate place. (in this model there as slots for you to slide the pieces in. Use them to your advantage even if you dont need them in Blender cause there is not gravity…)

PS:There are pieces missing in the scans as i have lost them in the mess of my room so just make duplicates and change the shape a bit and put them in the required slots that are empty (told you it was worth modeling the slots)

6-I recommend parenting all the assembled pieces to an empty
Add an empty, select all the pieces then the Empty and press Ctrl-P
Now just move the empty to move the whole model

7-Add a simple plane with the texture you want. Texture the model with a simple wood texture (try different ones to give you model a different look)
Add a basic 3 point lighting and Render

If the camera angle is rather shallow make sure we dont see the end of the plane. In this model i use Black Mist to fade out in the emtyness while at the same time keeping the plane and model lighted the way i wanted

-Slepnyrl-Edouard de Mahieu

For the fog in the large pic, i am on another pc and it seems it depends on the contrast or luminosity of your screen.Ill have to fix that…

nice work
but just the textures …u can use a little fresher wood texture :slight_smile: for dino, the model looks fine.

What do you mean by “fresher” texture

Anyone know where i could post this tutorial? 9other than this thread of course)

I’ll also dive into more complet texturing tutorial as its the main area i need to improve right now (modeling is getting better though :P)