Model doesn't deform in pose move.

Hello everybody, I started with blender like 2 weeks ago and I have been working in a model for two days after some tutorials, well the problem is this: my model is already finished and I’ve added some bones these are related with automatic weights to the mesh, I modified some vertex groups and then, when I go to Pose mode and move any bone the mesh doesn’t move, It doesn’t even deform in any way. I made another model with less polygons (the gingerbread called “Gus” from an online tutorial) and I animated.

I’ve looked for info in this forum but I can’t find the answer yet. I’m working with an old computer (win XP, 1GB RAM and CPU 1.8GHz, GPU nVidia GF FX5200 256MHz) I’m not sure but I don’t think that’s the problem because my model is not really complex. I’m using Blender 2.65 by the way.

Does anybody know what is wrong with my model? any ideas?

Thanks and greetings from Chile.

PD: I’m sorry if I made a grammar mistake, English isn’t my first language :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a hard thing to say without the .blend file to look at. If you could post the .blend it would be easier to help. You could have multiple armature modifiers on it, you could have a problem as simple as a toggle box not checked. Have you double checked that it does in fact have weights?

Oh, I think it’s a weight problem, maybe, because i clicked “with automatic weights”. I din’t know the weight tool until yesterday :P. Reading manuals and trying to fix my model. I didn’t upload the .blend file because I thought it was forbidden for people with less than 10 posts. Anyway, thank you so much, I’ll tell you if it works c:

Well, after too many attempts, I gave up. So I’ve attached the blend file.


WerewolfEsqueleto.blend (586 KB)

Remove vertex group in armature modifier


Thank you so much!!! Now it works c: