Model Doesn't Mirror Correctly...Any Ideas?

Greetings, Nov 22nd, 2014

One of my first models from several months ago when I began with Blender doesn’t accept a mirror modifier appropriately? The origin point is on the center axis as I’ve learned it should be, however, after the deletion of half the models vertexes in edit mode I tab to object mode and apply the mirror modifier and the model overlaps the other half of the model to appear as though it is mirroring from the models ears? After tabbing back into edit mode I move the half of the remaining vertexes in attempts to align the model and in object mode all appears well except for the ragged edge and gaps? Upon tabbing back into edit mode the model remains separated by at least 2-3 blender units on the grid? I did learn that one may have to utilize a center vertex loop to signify the center, however, my center loop is off to much an upon centering the model deforms unacceptably an leaves a grotesque seam? Additionally, I have the near identical problem with the armature, rig while in object mode the armature is within the model while in edit mode the armature leaves the model by numerous blender units? How would one go about retaining a synchronization between modes?..Any help, ideas would be greatly appreciated!


The only thing that comes to mind is doing CTRL A three times for location , rotation, then scale while in object mode. Then messing with your origin and doing a mirror modifier after that. Although I can’t debug it without a .blend.

Well I would but the blend file is of adult nature, standing pose professional nature, just lacks clothing on a model that is to be a technician!..Anyways, I did try clearing all the location, rotation and scale which didn’t help! I did however achieve the origin points in the same position between Object and Edit Mode. However, The model, mesh remains +5 off in Edit mode while -1 off in Object mode. Selecting all in either modes reflects the negative effect in the other modes?

It would really help to be able to see the file.

But, without it, my only suggestion is to detach the armature and try again. Then reattach the rig.