Model editing



yes that has been helpful but the guy whos youtube tutorial i have been watching managed to manually sort out both sides seperatly before using the mirror modifier

(_NOva) #22

Cools! I’m glad that helped!


is it possible to edit just the face of one side by itself and then edit the other sides differently or is it a feature that has been removed ? i have downgraded to the blender version in the youtube tutorial and yet even then i still cannot edit seperately even though he is using 2.57 it must be a settings or feature but it still does not explain how he managed to keep the changes seperate even though i did exactly what he did :frowning:

just found out he did it in wireframe which made it look easier and i can only do it if the model is not in wireframe mode dont know the rason for the changes but even then it is still difficult updates that make it harder to do something should not be call updates but annoyances

(zanzio) #24

You didn’t do exactly what he did. You just don’t understand what you did differently. The way you described the problem was confusing, but it sounds like you just selected the vertices you didn’t want to move while you were in left ortho view.

Each view is just looking at your model from another angle. It’s not a special mode with special settings. If you repeat what you were doing when you first experienced the problem and middle mouse click to see the model from another angle, you should see that you had selected more than just the vertices on the left side.

Box (B), Lasso (ctrl), and Circle (C) will select the vertices that are behind the ones you can see in wireframe mode. If you just select them with your select button (right click by default) it will only select the vertice you click on.

The selection tools won’t select the vertices that are behind what you can see when you model in solid mode as long as “limit selection to visible is on” (its on by default), so my advice is the just switch between wireframe and solid as needed.


ok i think i understand it better but i do not have a middle mouse button so what is a alternative to this button

(_NOva) #26

Yes you can edit faces, edges and vertices whether you select a single vertex, face or edge or a bunch of them together. You don’t need to downgrade your blender the tools are there. I think you’re going into this a bit quick, maybe check out a basic tutorial that shows you more about the interface, selections, modeling tools etc before tackling the modeling tutorial. It might feel like taking a step backwards but knowing the basics is important.


thanks for your help but the guy i was watching was doing a basic modeling tutorial and he made it seem anyone could do it, shows what i get for just watching youtube for basic tutorials :man_shrugging: and i am at my limit for posting as a new user

(TheSpartan) #28

Sounds like you need to get to grips with working in 3D in general, not just Blender.
Might be worth just editing some primitives for a bit of practice. See how moving verts in different views impacts on the model/mesh overall. Maybe start in quad view (Ctrl+Alt+Q) so you have a front, side, top and 3D view open at the same time, so you can see what’s going on.

You can use Ctrl+Tab to bring up the mesh select dialogue to select between Faces, Edges and Vertices.

(zanzio) #29

Some people don’t realize this, but if your mouse has a scroll wheel then 99.99% of the time that functions as the middle mouse button. I know it feels awkward, but open blender and press down on the scroll wheel. It should let you turn your view in any direction. Having a middle mouse button is fairly standard these days. If your mouse somehow doesn’t have one, then I highly advise you to get one.

Your other option is to go to File > User Preferences > Input and click the checkbox that says “emulate three button mouse” that is on the top left of the window. This will allow you to press alt + leftclick to rotate your view of your object.