Model error! Please help!

Hello, I have been using blender for a short time and have been trying to learn how to make 3D models. My first model that I have been working hard on has a problem. Whenever I go to paint it or when I click the smooth option a few nasty cracks appear on the face. Is there anyway to fix this or should I start over?

I hope this was the right place to post, lol. If it wasn’t then I apologize.

Post a blend file so we can take a look and try to figure out the problem.

Maybe you have problems with the normals, to solve it do this:
Tab (going to editmode) -> a (select all) -> ctrl + n (recalculate normals)
If that isn’t the problem you have, then post the *.blend file or at least a few pictures :wink:

Ok here is the file that seems to be fine. I have found no cracks anywhere on the body. I will upload the one that has the problem right now.

I’ll have to try to upload the other file tomorrow. It doesn’t want to cooperate tonight, lol.

I hate to keep responding to my own thread but I can send the file via email since I cant seem to upload it directly to the site. Just let me know where to send it.

P.S. I uploaded the previous file again so that whoever receives my email containing the file with the problem can compare the two and see where I went wrong.


Upload1.blend (465 KB)

There is some edges through the hand where the cracks appear. Delete them.
You can find the “non manifold edges” by hitting
Shift Ctrl Alt M.

Thank you for that tip. I need a bit more explanation with that though. I deleted the edges and it removes most of my hands. Do I need to add faces after doing this or did I do it wrong?

Remove only EDGES, not any vertexes. Or understand i your problem correctly?