Model Export problems

Hi all,

I’m having severe trouble trying to get my mountain model to export into one of the web displayable formats (i.e. X3D or VRML).

Exporting in X3D typically stalls Blender (The console says “starting X3D export”, but never finishes…)

It does export a VRML file, but this is unusable (black) when opened using several applications.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can post the model if necessary.

Mac OSX 10.4.8 (Intel iMac)
Blender 2.42

Have you tried exporting to another program and re-exporting from that
one? Like say, Blender to Wings to .wrl?

To this point I have been exporting to various other formats, eg 3ds and obj and then attempting to convert them over.

I will try using Wings 3d and report back!

Ok that worked, The model fliped to the Z axis but that is easily fixed!
Thanks rwv01

No problem. Glad it worked!