model export to .lwo?

I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum, not exactly a modelling question but whether I can get out of blender the model format I prefer. I am able to import .lwo objects with the blender addon, but there’s no option to export as .lwo… Anyone know of outside plugins that allow this? Thanks.

blender 2.4x had a lightwave exporter, i believe…never tried it, but might work.
the script page says only

Included in Blender 2.42a, 2.45, 2.46.

but i suspect that was just never updated. try blender 2.49
if it doesnt have it, then just use 2.46.

Thank you wysiwyg, I will try those. Do you know why this export was dropped in newer versions?

i would guess that no one ever got around to updating it for blender 2.5x…the code would need to be revised.