model falling apart when hit? how to??

I’m trying to figure out how make an object break apart when hit? I can’t use the fracture tool because everytime I try blender crashes. but I would like to be able to figure out how to make a model that I select where things should break apart… for example in the picture… I have a wall piece. If I were to make a game and crash into it with a car, it would break apart. but if it was bumped lightly nothing would happen or maybe just have it move slightly, but when hit hard enough, it pops apart and the pieces separate.

or something like this… a bookshelf that is all one object and can be moved and whatnot and will stand on it’s own without falling apart… but when struck or crushed by something, each of the boards break apart and fall to the ground. is there a way of doing that?

i don’t know any other way.

they way i have seen and gotten past shatter’s instability is:
.to start a new blend file,
.then add the add on,
.sculpt your object fresh,
.use shatter,
.save all the pieces as/in a group,
.export to another file as a group,
.remove objects from group,

but i have only done this with a cube.


  1. now that you have the models in a plan to break apart. model each individual piece. (that’s right blender won’t do this for you, and shatter is hard to use. )
  2. set all of their physics properties to rigidbody or dynamic,
  3. move them to a different layer.
  4. in your game you have a low poly version of the table(whatever object car/player/dog) all together or a working game assets.
    a. when your object is destroyed in your game,
    b. add all of the objects that comprise your shattered object, via python or an actuator,
    c. since we assumed your working with physics and gravity, the dynamic or rigid pieces will scatter as they instantiate.

you picking up what i am putting down?

since you have no pieces i will not make a sample, but Patrick Boelens does a great tutorial, watch em both!!! make a demo with python and blender

If you don’t won’t then to break easily (ie change the weight) change the mass to a higher mass than the player or use your speed counter (assuming you have one) to check what velocity you were going as you hit it and act accordingly.