Model for a Class - The Shredder

This was an early model I made for class of the Shredder. This is after learning Blender for a semester, and my professor was not that great…XD. If I can receive any kind of feedback, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks…keep Blending…XD.


Try a few different angles so people can see the model better, play with the lighting. Just a thought.

Hope this helps, a couple of angles.


The model looks pretty good to me, i looks like you did a good job. I still needs a lot of work and polish but this was way better that what i was doing when i first started. This is your first time with blender sounds like.

So i have a few items for critique, its always good to get some points for improvement so.
Im looking at shredder side 1.

First it looks like you modeled a lot of the hard parts, like his plates and gloves on with some of the softer pieces like the cloth. its good to keep these parts separate sometimes just to make things easier, i think i see some some bending on the glove were the bent elbow meets the metal glove.

The hands are a little funky looking, but hands can be a pain anyway, so you probably just need to do them a few times. Im still not great at hands

The face looks a little funny too. Right around the eye, that right eye you can see a crease, it looks kind of like the cheek bone but pinched. The way i model a face is by starting with edge loops around the eyes mouth and a basic bridge for the nose, then you build up until they connect. That way at least you know the eyes and mouth are correct. Also common practice is to use spheres for eyes and either leave the mesh open there or close it behind the eye. It looks like you modeled the eyes in with the rest of the mesh.

And the last thing i guess would be your textures. Normal map everything! Unless you want that plastic Toy Story look, everything has some sort of bumpiness to it. Just about the only things that are perfectly smooth in this world are satellite telescope mirrors because they grind those down. Everything else has at least a small bump to it.

Great job!

hey thanks a bunch Rowe. I def see what you mean, I should have kept certain parts separate, pretty noob, XD. Would you suggest taking apart the arms and then reattach them after some touching up or just his plates a and such? And do you know of any norm map tutorials I can look at? Sorry to be such a pain, XD. Thanks for feedback, def needed it. :cool:

Nice one!
Just one thing, whats with the weird eyes?

Pretty good job anyway