Model for science fiction scene.


This model will be part of my new project-sci-fi scene from nearest future…

But this sci-fi aircraft is not main object in scene, it will be detailed character finished soon…

I don’t have any real crits here, but the wings’ scretched part in the backside should imo be smooth, not just stop roughly but end smoothly.
Maybe you could try texture the ship, but it’s cool like that already :expressionless: .

It doesn’t matter as long as the aerodynamic look with is prominent in this image remains, it’s pretty nice actually :slight_smile:

How did you model it? It’s very streamlined and smooth. Subsurf, nurbs?
Good work though. Like to see it textured.

I love it! I would guess you modeled it by poly editing a subsurf. I hate nurbs and so should everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, good work!


I want one! :smiley:

Nicely modeled and very streamlined. It actually creates it own motion-blur. But as stated above, the ending of that wing part abruptly (the innermost long part) defies the design of the rest of the model. Still cool-looking dispite that though…


some parts will be improve yet:)

modeled with subsurf…

nice style, looks almost 50s-futuristic