model from a video

what do you think ?

that’s a pretty cool app

yes its amazing app
i wander how is the mesh look like after importing to blender

I wander how to get it.

that was from 2 years ago, it was being developed at the university of adilade and there haved been any updates posted for over a year. it is also deceptive, they are only showing the last steps. it has to be motion tracked, calibrated, matched, etc…before videotrace can even work on it, and videotrace does not include the motion tracker software. you have to use your own and import your pretracked video into videotrace. pftracks has some modeling capabilities built in, but it’s expensive.

there are some other apps that are being developed such as libmv for blender. progress seems to be going slow but it is going. it dosn’t seem usable yet.

there is another free program that is being developed called insight3d. it cant handle video yet but did a good job on the demophotos included. i tried screen captures from tv shows and it didn’t handel that too well because of the actors moving around throws off the matching and calibration. but if you have shots of without objects moving to throw it off it does quite well with pictures.

no mac apps? :<

shn if you know anyone who knows how to compile for mac insight is opensource, the svn is at