Model got weight, but isnt poseable in blender.


I’ve got problem with rigged model by me. Model got weight, bones, but in posing mode, for example head jaw isnt moveable with bones. How can I resolve my problem?

How can I resolve my problem?
By uploading your blend file to and saying the download link so other people have the information you have rather than just a screenshot that doesn’t show the important settings


Add an armature modifier to the head and add the armature name to it. Ensure the vertex groups options is enabled

Could you describe how to do that step by step? I’m not too familiar with Blender, only using it to rigging models and this is 1st situation like that.

To add an Armature to a Mesh… Select the Mesh…> then goto your Properties Panel (Far Right hand side of Blender Screen)… > then find ‘Modifiers’ (the little Wrench Icon) and select it to bring up the Modifiers menu …> select ‘Add modifier’ and browse to find the one called ‘Armature’ …> in the box that says “Object” click and select your Armature… Your Mesh is now controlled by the Armature… “IF” you have vertex groups set that correspond with the bones in your armature…