Model grouping

What is the blender equivalent of grouping in other 3d packages? In maya and 3d studio you can group objects so when you select any part of the object you select the group, but if you need to you can go in and select different objects of that group. I’ve been using blender for over a year now and I was thinking they were just late on implementing it. Right now I have parented things to an empty node or just kept separate object sets in separate layers. I’d be interested to know anyone else’s workflow, or how they deal with this. Am I missing something? :confused:

There are currently object groups in CVS, meaning that within one or two versions they will be fully committed to blender and its workflow. If you really need it now, parenting to the empty seems a good way to go with it.

Once you have a CVS (note: don’t save or import any really important work into a CVS as it can get messed up). You can press CTRL-G with objects selected to make a group. You can then select one object of a group, press shift-G, and select the correct option to select all of them in the group, and then move rotate, etc.