Model Ideas for a 3D Printing business

Hi everyone in the blender community,

I currently work as a 3D artist in a 3D printing company and I am looking for ideas to model and print, that will sell in the crowd. I most especially use blender for my 3D art because its the best software I’ve used base on my past experiences as a freelance animator.

I need your suggestions and ideas guys for this business to happen. This type of business will be the first in my country and my boss expected this to be successful. I am also doing a local survey here so no need to worry. Im just looking for some additional ideas from the blender community.


The first issue is that you don’t specify your country.
Demographics are a project critical information.

Skeleton figures for instance are a no-go in China.
And while a Svastika based pattern would sell great in India I doubt you’ll find many friends in Israel.
Jesus on a stick? Great sale for Spain, not so great for Iran.
I guess you get it by now :slight_smile:

the country would be in the Philippines. i hope that helps. I also consider ideas that’s not based on my country as long as it sells.
All i know is that the people here are into smart phones and other mobile stuff so creating customized phone cases, stands, key holders and etc is already part of my list.

I know Japanese and Koreans are hot on those “dust protectors” for their cellphones.
Basically a 3.5mm Jack with a kawaii figure on it. Might be something for your market.
Maybe even offer them individual. People submit models and get the plugs for their phones.
Or premium $$$ service, you model them from reference images :wink:

Print thermite into shapes, used to cut shapes or weld metal?

I don’t even know what you would call it…

“Iron bandaids?”

Thanks for the reply arexma, ill look into it.
BlueprintRandom, i dont know what thermite is but when i search the internet all i see something about metal. If you can clarify your idea, please do.

As far as I know, there are a lot of Philipines peoples outside of the country, and often these folks send money back home, and the occasional gift packet or three.

Maybe you can cater to these travellers via a website that attracts them and offers services. In a big market, there are bound to be ideas aplenty!


Yeah, totally agree with you. You should analyst the markets first and then, decide which region or country that suits with your ideas and passion.

Imagine you hit a button on your printer, and out emerges a prototype of a prosthetic leg or a component for a space shuttle. The moment has arrived, and it means big things for 3-D printing companies. Though the industry has been around for decades, 3-D printing is gaining momentum. In a recent report, Goldman Sachs named 3-D printing as one of eight technologies that will “creatively destroy” how we do business.

3D Print Model Repository. There seems to be new attempts at this type of service monthly, but it’s kinda hard to catch up to the likes of Shapeways and the other big services, who have a massive head start. People go where it’s more likely to find what they want, and that means places with many models. And by “many”, we mean thousands. Oh yes, one of your competitors would be Thingiverse, who offer over 100,000 printable 3D models - for free.