Model is distorted when i switch from ortho to perspective view

Beginner Here,

I basically modeled my character with a front side reference totally from the scratch ONLY in ortho view and now it looks distorted in the perspective view, I believe the distortion is because i tried to add perspective & fine tune details of my mesh in ortho which got doubled up when i switched to perspective mode. Can i somehow make my model look the same in perspective view as it looks in ortho. I do not want to render in ortho as i am going to use it for animation and a bigger project.

Is this because by default the viewport on the perspective view uses a wide angle lens ?

Or should i just decrease my focal length of my camera to compensate for the distortion ?

what wide angle ?

for large angle it is possible it will distort the image !

show us some pictures

happy bl

I hope you weren’t trying to do the entire model from front view, a good modeler will always use any arbitrary angle needed for a specific operation.

Otherwise, you will not be able to get any sense of depth and where your polygons are going.