Model is distorted when switch from ortho to perspective view

Beginner here,
I fine tuned,model and gave some perspective to my model in ortho view & now my model is distorted in perspective view :’(. Idk what to do, it looks fine in ortho view, but not in perspective, as i never checked it back during the whole process. Can some tell me the exact numbers by which the meshes are distorted after switch from ortho to perspective. I guess i could bring it back by lessening the wide angle of my camera lens or on the 3d viewport during perspective view. Any tips :’( ? I do not want to redo the whole process from scratch :’(

You can switch the camera to orthographic by selecting the camera and select on the camera tab under lens Orthograpic. With the Orthographic Scale you can zoom in and out.

show some pictures

what camera angle are you using ?

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That distortion is strictly the view, rather like how using a wide angle fish-eye lens versus a telephoto would do. If everything looks fine in Orthographic mode, it is fine. open up your numeric panel in the viewport, look for the “View” section, you should see an option called ‘Lens’, just above “lock to object”, moving this value affects how the perspective viewport appears. If this is set low, things will look odd. I tend to have mine set between 35mm & 50mm. That said, I mainly work in Ortho mode anyway as it is my preference, I only switch to perspective mode to check the scene layout.

To decrease the distortion you would increase the focal length, hit n for properties panel aincrease focal length from 35 to 50,70,120… same with camera in camera view, camera data, focal length

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