Model Is Finished, Splash Screen Is Next

Hi again folks:

It’s been almost 6 months since I posted my first question in this forum, and now I have a model I’m confident I can re-produce from scratch in less than an hour.

I’ve had many other projects that distracted me from this effort, so it hasn’t been a solid 6 months of frustration. It got fun about a week ago, when things started working.

I want to thank all of you who’ve taken the time to help me.

I know you folks would be embarrassed to show this simple model, but I’m proud of it:

Now it’s time to put this model into a splash screen, and I don’t know how to proceed.

This has been the application’s present splash screen that I built with the first OpenGL code I’ve ever written a while ago:

The court rotates about 5 RPM. The client was understandably unhappy with the aliasing on the court’s lines at certain viewing angles. You will also see the obvious lack of thickness on the strings of the net.

Here is the new model at a similar angle, no aliasing. Nice 3 dimensional strings in the net.

I’d like the general look of the splash screen to remain the same, though I’m open to suggestions on how it can be improved.

The product name, Net Results, of course, stays stationary behind the rotating court.

The current splash screen is animated by the program. I’d like the new splash screen to do that but I suppose it could be a video if necessary.

I don’t have experience with any of these issues.

Can anybody who does have experience tell me if this looks like too demanding model for a user’s computer to animate as I describe?

A shadow cast by the net on the surface would be nice, I’m thinking a stationary light that would have the shadow move across the surface as the court rotated under it. The shadow isn’t necessary if that is too demanding of the computer.

When I started looking at re-doing the splash screen last summer I was thinking Unity would be a tool that might be useful for animating the splash screen. After getting it, for free, I fond that it didn’t have much in the way of modeling tools, and that people were using Blender, which I’d heard of, but knew little about.

I’ve seen references to Blender’s game engine, but this page says “A word of warning, before you start any big or serious project with the Blender Game Engine, you should note that it is currently not very supported and that there are plans for its retargeting and refactoring that, in the very least, will break compatibility.”

Again, if this looks like the absolute wrong approach please let me know.

If my computer drives the animation, what part does Blender play moving forward?

Lots of questions, more to come.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me over the last 6 months.


Is that Net Results a game? I would recommend you to do something really simple as splash screen. And then, when it is finished, focus developing that product even better. Splash screen is quite little feature for a program.

Thanks ArMan.

No, the splash screen will be the only animated graphic the program displays now. There might be a use for this model in other aspects of the product in the future.

I have wanted to learn about 3D graphics for other applications, which will make more use of it. So I’ve been happy to invest some effort to learn how to do this small aspect of this product.

Now I’d like to make the splash screen look nice.

I’m assuming I need a game engine to move forward. But this is new to me. I appreciate suggestions for different approaches.

Ok then. :slight_smile: But still try to focus on simplicity. Because it is beautiful and makes your product look professional. Maybe you don’t even need the whole tennis field? what if you have a ball and a tennis racket? That also makes it easier to composite with the text, because those white lines in the field are very hard for the composition.

I made a little test for this:

Here is an another test. Sorry if I mess with your project, but I think it was funny to test all kind of stuff with this model once I modeled it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Again ArMan:

I asked for alternatives to my approach to the splash screen.

Either of the two screenshots you’ve presented would make excellent splash screens.

However, I’ve been mesmerized by 3D graphics since the first time I ever saw the flickering green vectors drawn on the monitors of video games at an arcade many decades ago. I remember one was a dogfighting biplane and the other was a tank.

In the darkest days of this effort, when there seemed to be an impenetrable seal preventing me from accomplishing even the simplest tasks with Blender, I’d spend hours gazing at the amazing images on this web site.

I’ve long wanted to develop the skills that would be required for the splash screen I envision.

I’m still interested in alternatives, but I continue to find a 3D image of the court with the camera positioned at spectator eye level intriguing.

I’d like the splash screen to incorporate that element, or something as interesting.

If the rotating court is too demanding for present day computers, due to polygon count or other issues, I’m happy to ease the load.

I’d be willing to loose the rotation, and make other compromises to the image.

But even if I never use this model in the splash screen for this program, I’d like to gain the skills I’d need to create the display I’ve been thinking about.

I’m grateful for the effort you’re making to assist me.