Model is not wanted triangulated. Can't restore!

Hello, i have an problem my mesh is triangulated when i opened it again in blender.
Auto save and recover last session wont work.
The quads to tris also not works perfect. :frowning:

Some body any idea’s?
Thanks :slight_smile:


dragon3.blend (1.15 MB)

Blender can’t force every triangle to be a square - it has only so many verts to work with, and it gives you the maximum amount of quads for the the topology. It’s a nice looking dragon, and I see you’ve taken a long time on it, but the topology is a bit messy. You’ve got a lot of unnecessary faces. Good luck.

But my model was first quads and for some reason blender triangulated it.

Blender didn’t triangulate your dragon out of spite. There are a lot of key combinations, and I’d guess that you hit the triangulate combo accidentally (forgot what it is, as of course I never use it). I know, don’t say it, you didn’t. I guess it’s true, Blender did do it on purpose.

You must have trianguled it by accident, be more careful next time.
If you didn’t save previous backups, if not why not, you’ll just have to go and manually convert the triangles into quads yourself. On’y you know where you want the quads to be. If you’d started doing this when you first posted this thread you’d have it all fixed easily by now.

You got lots of geometries here. Are you sure you didn’t hit command that turned quad to tris?

I tried selecting all mesh and used Alt + J to make all a quad. It does work overall. But some meshes are messed up still. So I tried to make quad with in given seamed area. But seam boundary doesn’t keep bad quad from forming as in example here:

It appears you do nee to Alt + J all meshes and manually fix the quad you don’t like.

Thanks for all the information but i have found a little trick.
Make manually at the places ware alt+j not work some of jours faces quads and this will force blender to leave this faces and it will bring back my original topology.

I took a crack at it, and managed to manually merge most, if not all, of the tris.


dragon3.blend (215 KB)

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I have fix it and here is the finished .blend.
Feel free to use the model with a credit.


dragon solved.blend (1.05 MB)