Model looks wrong in Rendered Mode

In Wireframe mode the model look ok(i think).

But in rendered mode the Faces looks wrong. All the normals i directed correctly.

What have i done wrong?

Picture 1 = Wireframe

Picture 2 = Rendered

Is this supposed to be a guessing game?
Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question.

Nothing done wrong, you simply have no experience & know nothing.
Start with basics. Start with concept.
Learn, get educated.

Looking to smooth?

Edit mode, Ctrl-N to recalculate normals, make sure there are no double verts. One other thing is that the triangular appearance looks like quads that have a corner pulled far enough out of place to cause this. A subdivision surface will cure that, and make things smoother for you. Beyond that…

Sorry, just realised a accidentally switched over from Cycles to Blender Render. That was the problem. Solved it.

I accidentally switched over from Cycles to Blender Render. Switched back. Thank you for taking from your time to answer.

“you simply have no experience & know nothing”.

You are correct about the no experience part, but saying i know nothing just show what kind of personality you have.

I am learing 3D animation because i need something to take my mind om the chemotherapy. Something to take my mind of my desise that almost killed me twice last year.

Your answer can simply be neutral, but the rude way educating/helping forum members is the way you choose. Look at ajm’s answer, neutral and polite. Anyway, i wish you a nice day.


> And... so doing the same (judgement)

Yet, context…
is first couple
reason for the third?

As good is for you…

Are mind, google,
control, perseverance,
patience, repetition…

… power over joy.

The choice of equality -
love for all, the darkest enemy?

… why have you forsaken me?

Please, accept my apology & i hope you’ll cheer up, have faith -
either way, we all pass the moment.

wish you’ll enjoy it here
bye :slight_smile: