model my face by dots

hey all i would like to know where to put the dots on my face to model them what i woulld like to know is where to put them and if anyone got refrence images of where to put them?


I don’t know because I’ve never modelled a head (just finished my first hand in WIP) but perhaps this can help you:

// bagge

i had a look at that but it doesnt really explain as of where to put them

Hmm … Is it not possible to put the dots approximately at the same place as in the images and then take one photo from the front and one from the side to get the reference images? Or is the exact placement of the dots so critical (I think it is not but I don’t know as I said …)?

sorry in case it doesn’t work …

// bagge

ok i will try that im just going to wait a few hours, well its 8:30pm here ill do it 2moz please tell me stratigies and opinions ect, thanks

i always wanted to do something similar with friends of mine, but never did…

ok let’s come to the point:

i think much better than dot’s are lines. the important thing is how those lines are laid out. i think i said that already in a different post, but i’ll say it again - topology is crucial. that is, the “flow” of the lines should follow the natural details of the face. so it’s a bad idea for the mouth to make a subdivided grid and simply cut out the mouth contours. while it may work for a still, you’ll run into troubles when animating.

below is an image to illustrate what i mean. you won’t need all the lines at the beginning, but try to at least partially reproduce them.

so, grab a feltpen, place yourself in front of the mirror and start stroking! or, better, invite a mate and paint him. even better, invite your girlfriend, have some beers and you might end up doing some serious body-painting :wink: either way, make a photo with your digi- or regular cam (even a decent mobile with camera will do), scale both images so that they match and start modelling