Model needed for company logo

I represent a web start up company. We would like to make the character that will be our brand image in Blender. For the initial character model we will pay $75. After the character has been selected we will offer much more work with that character in various stills and interacting with other characters. This model is going to form the basis of our brand and therefore our advertising strategy. We will pay via Paypal. Please post a still of your model on this page.
Andokides Epoe is older middle aged Greek man, relaxed trustworthy and competent looking with a small smile. The sort of guy you be glad to have as your neighbor. Andokides is a modern day potter who has traveled all over the world and knows tons of people. He is the first person you’d ask for help if you have a problem.
We would prefer a high detail realistic model, if possible, but the look and feel are more important.
Thank you for your time,
Charles West